How to Sustain Health Information Exchange.
Health Information Exchange is gaining popularity among health care providers.  Federal government's support to HIE aimed at improving the safety and quality of health care could be one of the factors causing its increased popularity. Read more about  Health Information Exchange    at  what is hie in healthcare  . HIE could also be preferred by healthcare services providers because it is more effective than the use of paperwork.  Confidentiality of some of the patients medical information is not fully guaranteed when it is stored on paper.  Health information exchange systems provide benefits to all players in the medical field from the patients to the government and health services providers but its sustainability may be challenging.

It is easier to maintain an information exchange system that is simple.  Health information exchange system should not be overstretched but it should be allowed to grow slowly with time.  Trying to force health information exchange to do everything we need very fast can make it collapse before reaching its full potential.  To continue enjoying health information exchange, you should first incorporate few functions to it and have a continuous monitoring.  The users of the system can determine whether to add some functions to it or not after monitoring it.

It is advisable to have a proper forecast of the cost of operating a health information exchange system as well as the cost of developing it. Read more about  Health Information Exchange    at  hie benefits  . The amount of money used to keep the health information exchange system running should not be more than the revenue collected.  Straining to develop a health information exchange system that is features intensive from the start can put a financial strain to the developing facility making the system more difficult to implement.  It is advisable to keep the systems simple because  less complex system have lower maintenance costs.

One way of ensuring the sustainability of the health information system is by keeping the patient's privacy into consideration.  Public's trust to a  health service provider can be lost in case of a breach in the patients' health information records.  Medical facilities can face loses if patients choose to take legal action because of health information leaks.  Privacy and security in HIE should be given considerable attention because the loss of information or its exposure to the general public can lead to the collapse of the system.

Health information exchange will also be sustainable when implemented in a facility that started with a federated model.  A federated method will start as a foundation to the HIE system.  Startup costs for HIE will be reduced if the model is used first.  Facilities that start by using the federated model have a higher probability of staying with a health information system for long after implementing it.Learn more from

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